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Urth After the Rain

What you, the player, should know.
Urth is our Earth, or perhaps one of it’s colony worlds, some unknown time after a technological singularity. Something happened to the sun, perhaps some failed astro-engineering project, leaving it red and swollen. The moon is green, covered in an endless jungle. The weird wreckage of the singularity litters the landscape, and those left behind carry on. Sentience takes many forms. Some of those left behind are recognizably human, others are uplifted plants, animals, machines, or strange hybrids.

The level of available technology varies wildly from place to place. Stone age barbarians live a few days ride from a stone and timber city where laser pistol wielding armigers rule.

Sorcery, or at least something that looks like sorcery, works. For most of the people of Urth advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Religion is as popular as ever, and sometimes the gods, or things claiming to be gods, answer prayers.

Imagine a mixture of The Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston, not Marky-Marky), Jack Vance’s Dying Earth, Logan’s Run, Conan (Robert E. Howard, not Arnold), The Book of the New Sun, Dan Simmon’s Illium and Olympus, H.G. Well’s The Time Machine, Bas-Lag, Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards, Tekumel, HP Lovecraft’s Dreamlands, and Zardoz.

This strange mix is some sort of science-fantasy, more sword and saucers than sword and sorcery.

What your character should know.
Urth is old, the sun is red and swollen. Any day the sun will surely flicker and die. The learned say the jungles of Luna are home to ferocious cannibals. The Ancients wielded strange and terrible sorceries and made use of incomprehensible machines. They are long gone, though no one knows why. Occasionally cosmonauts return from the void beyond the stars. Powerful artifacts, great riches, and imperishable fame are there for the taking, at least for the reckless and the bold.

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